Turbocharge Your Workday: Real-World Ways ChatGPT Can Boost Your Productivity

We all know how demanding work can be. From back-to-back meetings to never-ending to-do lists, we all could use a productivity boost. Enter ChatGPT, the AI tool that’s more than just a buzzword—it’s a real asset. So let’s break down five practical ways you can use ChatGPT to make your workdays smoother and more productive.

1. Make Emails and Slack Less of a Drag

Inboxes and Slack channels can be black holes of time. While ChatGPT can’t replace human interaction, it can sure help you prepare for it. Don’t have time to read that wall of text your coworker just mass mailed your department? “ChatGPT please summarize this and extract the key points, note any action items for me.”

Get the same questions from people over and over? “ChatGPT please create a FAQ of these questions I get often from these email/chat exchanges”, then paste in the email exchange. Publish these to Google Drive or your company’s knowledge base and save yourself hours.

2. Make Your To-Do List Work for You

While ChatGPT can’t directly manage your Trello or Asana tasks, you can use it to plan and prioritize your workload. Type out your tasks and ask ChatGPT to help you sort them by priority or deadline. It’s like having a planning session with a coworker, minus the scheduling hassle. Once you’ve got a plan, you can manually input it into your task manager of choice. Think through the items that are on your plate on Monday and ask ChatGPT to suggest how you should spend your time, and consider blocking off your calendar so you have time to accomplish the things you need to get done.

3. Brainstorming Buddy: No Coffee Required

Feeling stuck creatively? ChatGPT can serve as a great first sounding board. Shoot off a few prompts related to the problem you’re trying to solve, and see what comes back. It’s not going to replace a skilled team of thinkers, but it could give you a fresh angle you hadn’t considered. Use it to help you get the brainstorming session started.

ChatGPT is also great at playing devil’s advocate or helping you to prepare for questions your team or managers might have about a presentation, proposal, or document you’re responsible for creating.

4. Be Informed, Make Better Choices

ChatGPT can’t replace market research or a team of analysts, but it can help you think through decisions. Write out the situation and get a list of factors you should consider, risks to keep in mind, and potential alternatives. While ChatGPT won’t provide real-time data, it’ll help you structure your thoughts, making decision-making more efficient. You can also augment ChatGPT with a tool like Google Bard which provides better access to real time data and allows you to cross references it’s output with Google searches.

5. Your Personalized Road to Skill Building

ChatGPT can’t browse the internet, but it can guide your learning journey based on the wealth of info it was trained on. Ask it to outline the key topics you should know about a certain skill or technology. Use ChatGPT as your infinitely patient teacher who never gets tired of your curiosity and never gets annoyed with you for asking too many questions.


So, is ChatGPT a magical productivity wand? Not exactly. But it can be a powerful ally in your quest for a more productive workday. Use it to prep for communication, help prioritize your tasks, jump-start your creative thinking, guide your decision-making, and focus your learning efforts. Give it a try and you just might find you’re getting more done, and maybe even clocking out a little earlier.

Chris Latimer

Chris Latimer is an experienced technology executive currently serving as the general manager of cloud for DataStax. His product leadership helped shape the Google Cloud API Management products as well as the data product suite powered by Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar at DataStax. Chris is based near Boulder, Colorado with his wife and three kids.

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